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News - Racing
Marque race - May 2009

The RAW Datsun 1200 Wins the Marque class by a full 2 seconds a lap. Event Link: Youtube

Track day - July 2009

RAW built and mapped and driven DriftX S14 took 1st place in the track day in July running a 1.15 flat on 225 street tyres. Event link: Youtube

Track day - August 2009

The RAW S14 managed a healthy 1.15 around Scribante taking 3rd place with its badly overheating brakes. Event links:Youtube1 - Youtube2

Knysna Hillclimb - November 2009

The Knysna hillclimb was a brilliantly hosted event where the half finished RAW Datsun 1200 was run and won class A, RAW mapped VW Golf of Darren Murphey also competed along side RAW modified VW Polo of Matteo Casale which took first place in class M. Event Links: Motoring - Youtube links

Springbok Series - November 2009

After many weeks of non stop work, the RAW Datsun 1200 was run in the Springbok Series 2009 in Port Elizabeth, while being majorly out classed as a "Marque" car run up against full historic race cars it was never the less a great success. The Datsun finished mid pack  in the three sprint races and was the only local car to finish the grueling 90 minute enduro.   Event links: The 9 hour - Float chamber - Youtube links

Club racing - February 2010

On February 27th in the first meeting of the year at Scribante PE, the RAW Datsun managed its personal best of a 1.19.768, and the full street S14 RB25 did a 1.12.071. The Datsun was the fastest Marque class car on the day and the S14 was the fastest car of the day laying down a good base time for the race car to improve on by at least 3-4 seconds. Event link: Youtube From hair pin Youtube

Club racing - April 2010

On the 17th of April the RAW Datsun had its second race day of 2010, after a few niggles with oil pressure and an oil pump change it went out on the nice crisp morning and set a 1.20.1 in practice, unfortunately due to transponder issues only one lap was picked up during qualifying of a 1.25.3 and thus a nominated time was set at 1.23.0, With the slightly lower than normal nominated time (2.5% handicap) saw the datsun up front within 3 laps. Unfortunately all oil pressure was lost on the 2nd last lap leading to an early retirement. Thank fully all that happened was the oil pickup cracked off, simple fix and no other engine damage was caused due to immediate engine shutdown

Open day racing - May 2010

After some light rain in the morning it was time for an open day, the event consisted of 3X Gymkhanas, drag race, half track and 3 flying laps around the circuit, In two of the Gymkhanas some FWD's showed the RWD how its done but the SX took all the rest of the events landing it a 1st place for the day

Club racing - May 2010

Was one of the best days weather wise for racing in the last few years, the B110 was running well but down on power after 6000rpm which clearly showed on the lap times, Qualified in at a 1.25, a few changes were made to timing and jetting which saw an easy 1st place finish in the first race and unfortunately disqualified it points wise due to handicap break out by a full 4%..

Club racing - 2010
PE200 - 2012

The new Rezlo Racing S14 SR20DET takes 1st place in race 1 and 2 in the Modified Saloons & Sports cars class during the 2012 Aldo Scribante PE200 held on the 21st of January.

Round 1 Regional Saloons - Scribante - 2012

In its second race for 2012 the the Rezlo S14 took second place in class A regional saloons and the second fastest lap of the day after encountering some thermostat issued and having to retire out of the first race on the opening lap

Round 2 Regional Saloons - Scribante - 2012

March saw the second regional of the year, The Rezlo S14 again took second place in Class A regional saloons beaten fair and square by a Mazda RX7. Unfortunately running on old 3/4 worn tires took its toll with a spin out in the first lap of the first race. The rest of the day was spent running on the cautious side. Lucky for us the new tires will be on for the next event! 


Sports GT 2013


The original Rezlo S14
Big Foot Festivle of speed 15 Sept 2012


News - Business
March 2000 - The Rezlo website is started in the USA dealing mostly in the US market performance and torque converters
June 2005 - Raw opens in South Africa offering parts as well as engine building and tuning.
August 2005 - Raw opens its online parts store to South African customers
June 2008 - Raw has 30+ dealerships and sole supplier contracts for top end parts from around the world
November 2008 - Raw opens its own private webforum to assist with technical information on parts and builds
September 2009 - Raw finishes its 20th 300kw+ Nissan motor in South Africa
September 2009 - Raw starts project Datsun restore - LINK
December 2009 - Raw is now on Facebook
February 2010 - The Raw purpose built fast street / circuit car project begins - LINK
2012 - The Project S14 takes first over all for 2012's Regional saloon championship in class A
2013 - The Project S14 takes its second Saloon championship in class A
2013 - The start of project vintage truck